Solar Cleaning

Our full service cleanings include a system inspection and complete clean.  We service all residential, commercial, and ag systems.

Pest Mitigation

Bird problems?  Rat problems?  We have a solution for that!   Our bird-proofing wire surrounds the entire array, locking out unwanted creatures and preventing them from nesting and raising a ruckus under your panels.

Gutter / Roof Cleaning

We also offer gutter cleaning and roof soft-washing.  Gutter cleaning gets your gutters cleaned of leaves and other obstructions, and roof soft-washing involves basic chemical application and rinsing to rid your roof of moss, other fungi build-ups, and pest residue.

We offer all of these services in the Butte, Glenn, Tehama, and Colusa counties.  For large commercial solar cleaning jobs, we also extend out as far as Sacramento and Redding.