About Us

Our Story

"The Solar Cleaning Pros started in 2020 as a 'side gig' for me. It has blossomed into a busy summer schedule.  With hundreds of solar cleaning jobs 'in the books', I am confident in our ability to safely and effectively clean whatever we are cleaning for you. I feel blessed to be able to provide an excellent service at a fantastic price to Northern California solar and real estate owners, and I hope to get to know you soon!    We may be a small business, but we are big on customer satisfaction and a 'job well done.'"  

-Brandon Becker, Owner / Cleaner

Proudly located in Willows, CA.   

Although we are in a small, rural, Glenn-county town, we service most of the North State.  We service the Glenn, Butte, Tehama, and Yuba counties.  In fact, we even service the greater Sacramento area if you have a commercial or large ground mount system!

Some of the Equipment We Use:

Water-Powered Rotary 

We use a variety of brushing systems, each one utilized in a different role.  For our large jobs, we have a 39" J. Racenstein rotary brush.  This brush is powered by a pressure washer (never fear, no high pressure hits the panel) and makes quick work of lichen, bird residue, and other hard-to-remove items.  It is PV-rated and used by many professionals in the industry.  

Carbon Fiber WFP

For our rotary and passive brushes, we utilize carbon fiber poles.  They are lightweight, but have great rigidity for those long reaches.  Our longest WFP (water-fed pole) extends to 45', but weighs only six pounds!

RO Filteration System

For all of our solar cleaning, we use RO (reverse osmosis) water.  RO systems utilize a membrane filter that filters out hard water minerals and salts.  Here in the valley, our groundwater can be up to 500 TDS (total dissolved solids).  This is what causes the mineral build-up on on your windows, cars, and other shiny surfaces you wash (if you don't squeegee them dry).  However, our RO system gets the water down to 5-15 TDS, which results in a spot-free, mineral-layer free finish!

Safety Gear

We take safety seriously here at The Solar Cleaning Pros.  You will often see our cleaning techs with a harness.  This PFAS (personal fall arrest system) is essential on high roofs, steep roofs, and skylight-ridden roofs to keep us from becoming just another OSHA statistic. 

Other Equipment 

Depending on the job size, we also utilize articulating boom lifts, pruning towers, towable water tank trailers, and other equipment to get the job done efficiently, and done right.  This saves us time, which in turn saves you money.  Contact us today for a commercial quote!